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Don’t settle for any ordinary window tinting product, use Mac’s Window Tinting and Solar Guard products.  Their products are guaranteed and have superior warranty coverage because they trust their products to have excellent customer satisfaction.

Apart from the fact window tinting looks great, there are lots of additional benefits in tinting your car, caravan, office or home windows.   It can save you a substantial amount of money each year in heating and cooling and protect and preserve your valuable furniture, car upholstery and electronic equipment such as televisions and GPS. It’s a very effective heat barrier and deflects sunlight.

It provides privacy of your belongings in public places which helps eliminate the risk of break-in and theft.

The appearance of your window tint will ensure your car looks great.

It also helps to protect the upholstery and elongates its life span.

It will keep your car up to 60% cooler in Summer.  There is nothing worse than that sweltering feeling getting into your car whilst it has been in the car park at the shopping centre.  

The window tinting blocks up to 99% of UV rays which will help with sunburn through your windows.

Helps stop sun glare into your windscreen whilst you are driving and even helps stop the night time glare of headlights from approaching cars…..window tinting will help the glare from cars approaching from behind. 

 If an object comes into contact with the windows, tinting will help with shatter proofing. 

At Macs Window Tinting we use Solar Guard Window Films.  You don’t have to worry about unsightly bubbling, peeling or cracking. They block 99% of ultraviolet light, have excellent film clarity and unaltered visibility. 

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Extra Information

All our Solar Gard automotive film range comes with a lifetime warranty.

Our films are warranted against adhesive failure, bubbling, cracking/crazing, delamination, peeling and fading. Our metallised film is also warranted against demetallization. 

Warranties apply only to the registered owner of the automobile at the time the film was installed and are not transferable.

Do you want UV protection but your car already has privacy glass?  Protect yourself, your passengers and your car from the sun’s harmful UV rays with our clear UV protection film.  

All Australian States and Territories stipulate maximum darkness, known as the visible light transmission level or VLT, for the aftermarket application of window film on a passenger vehicle’s side and rear windows. These laws regulate how dark you can legally tint your car windows – which is why the phrase “darkest legal” is used so often.

As of November 2018, all States/Territories have introduced new requirements for the window behind the driver (windows behind the B pillar).  20% VLT on windows behind the driver is allowed in Queensland.

After-market window film cannot be applied to the windscreen, even if the film is optically clear, except for a visor strip across the top of the screen (which is outside the driver’s primary vision area). Each State/Territory stipulates how this visor strip should be measured.

Windscreen Tinting may be applied to the upper portion of a windscreen of a motor vehicle. The tinting must not extend lower than a horizontal line connecting the uppermost points of the arcs swept by the vehicle manufacturer’s original wiper blades or the upper 10 percent of the windscreen, whichever is the lesser. The tinting may be of any shade.  

Commercial vehicle tinting laws differ in most States and Territories – so ensure you know the rules before you tint a commercial vehicle. Typically, any darkness film is allowed behind the driver in commercial vehicles. ‘Commercial vehicles’ do not mean 4WDs, but rather vehicles registered as a commercial type.

A goods vehicle may have a luminous transmittance of 0% or more provided the vehicle has a rear vision mirror on each side.   

Vehicle owners failing to comply with tint laws are subject to fines, insurance cancellation and even criminal charges if the vehicle is involved in an accident where dark windows are considered a contributing factor.

Modifying a vehicle with illegally dark windows renders that vehicle unroadworthy. 

Mac’s Window Tinting highly recommends having film removed by professionals who have the training and the right equipment required for removal of existing window film. 

Many online resources explain the process of how to remove window tint, however it is often not as easy as it sounds.

The film is usually comprised of two layers. The top layer usually peels off relatively easy however because this layer has been removed, it makes the removal of the second layer  much more difficult. Due to the film being removed improperly it can also result in leaving a sticky reside behind. This makes the surface unsuitable for new film and will require specialised cleaning chemicals to remove properly.

Mac’s Window Tinting has a variety of residential/commercial film options to suit your budget and requirements.